AIR 4000

AIR is a wireless presentation switcher catering to huddle rooms. It offers cable free presentation via native airplay and miracast for mobile devices. It features 2 HDMI and 1 VGA wired inputs with front panel and 3rd party control integration. Additionally AIR offers automated display control via RS232 or CEC.

Thunder TH2001E

Thunder is a JPEG2000 AV over IP solution designed to carry up to 4K resolution HDMI over standard 1g networking infrastructure. Additionally Thunder can transmit IR, RS232 and USB2.0 signals and also has built in video wall capability

Lightning LZ1501E

Lightning is an SDVoE AV over IP solution designed to deliver uncompressed HDMI video using standard 10g networking infrastructure. It’s video performance closely matches HDbaseT for image quality and latency. Lightning offers a host of capabilities including a extensive video processing with MultiView and Video wall.



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About iMAGsystems

iMAGsystems is an AV over IP company offering wired and wireless products for the delivery of video using networking infrastructure. Wired solutions consist of JPEG2000, H.264 and SDVoE. Wireless solutions offer the convenience of cable free presentations using airplay and miracast of video from laptops and mobile devices