4K Ultra HD Premium, Ambient Mode™, One Connect Box™

A feat of TV artistry, the 2018 Q7 blends style and performance. One thin cable attaches everything cleanly to the TV that mounts flush to the wall. Q Color™ and an anti-glare screen make the Q7 genius.

4K Ultra HDTV, Clean Cable Solution®, RS232 Control (EX-Link)

The NU8000 has stunning depths with HDR Plus™ and more colors than HDTVs to create a breathtaking 4K picture with a Bezel-free Design.

4K UHD TV with HDR, Art Mode, Customizable Frame, No Gap Wall-Mount

The most beautiful TV you’ve never seen. Introducing The Frame by Samsung – a 4K UHD TV that transforms into a gallery-like artwork experience when television is not being viewed. The Frame is the perfect solution for the design-conscious, finally letting their TV be a statement piece that blends seamlessly into their décor.



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About Samsung TV

The making of a legend – It’s no wonder that Samsung has been ranked as the #1 global TV brand 13 years running.

A quest to make the TV you love even better by removing anything that distracts, detracts, or delays from the experience. From the legendary Samsung picture quality to awe inspiring style, to ingenious ways to find content; the new Samsung TVs deliver the TV you love with nothing in the way.

Since we first won top global market share in 2006, exceptional technology and innovative design have strengthened our unrivaled leadership in flat-panel TVs and monitors.. The year 2017 experienced rapid growth in UHD TVs thanks to an increasing consumer awareness of high resolution and high picture quality. With an aim to provide the best-possible viewing experience to our consumers, we launched the world’s first and only QLED TV that delivers 100% color volume, a newly emerging standard of picture quality measurement that strengthens our leadership position in the premium TV market. Moreover, ‘The Frame’ which transforms any living room into an aesthetically-pleasing gallery, along with other diverse accessories equipped for each product line-up will enable us to cater diverse consumer preferences. Furthermore, 2018 Smart TVs will allow customers to enjoy a wide spectrum of content on a single screen and feel the out-standing user experience by controlling their set-top box, game consoles, and almost all other peripheral devices on a single remote control.

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