Consistent, coherent and compliant visual and audio communications when and where you need it! The IPX family of IP endpoints can provide floor, building or campus wide notifications and critical alerts. These endpoints are easily and quickly installed utilizing existing IT infrastructure with the additional enhancements of modern styling, improved intelligibility and an upgraded high-resolution visual display.

Z Series

The Z Series is an easily configured all-in-one solution that not only supplies superior speech privacy and sound masking, but can also deliver high-quality background music and paging. The breadth of Z Series’ capabilities allows it to be used in a variety of applications and environments with single or multi-use designations.

Strategy III Ceiling Loudspeakers

The Strategy III Series is the most innovative in-ceiling speaker product available. They incorporate an innovative mount system (SFMS), UL Plenum rating, easy installation, and high performance sound. Our new mounting innovation, the Safety First Mounting System (SFMS), prevents mounting tab damage caused by power drills over torqueing the mounting tabs during the installation process.



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About AtlasIED

AtlasIED systems are used by the largest enterprise businesses, schools, universities, manufacturing plants, public transportation hubs, sports arenas, hospitals, hotels, and large retail chain stores. We have solutions for businesses and facilities of every size and offer 2,000 specialized audio products and 80 years of manufacturing excellence. This is the widest and deepest product portfolio in the commercial audio industry. A true one-source provider that fits your exact business needs. Our dedicated sales, design and support experts make working with AtlasIED easy and efficient.