Accent Lighting Laser Projectors
Create stunning visual displays and immersive environments with the LightScene, the cutting-edge digital signage solution from Epson. A convergence of lighting and display technology, LightScene laser projectors captivate audiences by simultaneously illuminating and projecting on virtually any surface or material, unleashing dynamic, experiential content for digital art, commercial signage and décor applications.

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Pro L Series
Up to 25,000 lumens
Epson’s Pro L Series laser projectors feature a lamp-free laser light source and electrostatic air filter providing virtually maintenance-free operation for up to 20,000 hours; instant on/off, no more waiting for the projector to warm up or cool down; wide-color gamut for brilliant, color-rich performance and reliable 24/7 operation. Using 4K enhancement technology, viewers experience the most intricate details; from tiny text to the smallest architectural feature.

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PowerLite L Series
Compact Laser Projectors
The compact, affordable PowerLite L series laser projectors deliver powerful performance for education and business applications. Get bright, vivid images with this robust projector that also offers WXGA resolution for widescreen images. Featuring breakthrough laser technology, it delivers a laser light source of up to 20,000 hours. And, it offers virtually maintenance-free operation with no lamps. It also features advanced installation features and enterprise-level wireless security support (module sold separately).

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